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Our School Staff

Ms Jane Pomfret Headteacher
Miss Sarah Green Deputy Headteacher
Year 3 / 4 Teacher  -  Amber Class
Literacy Subject Leader
Mrs Wendy Patten Reception Class Teacher  -  Red Class
Early Years Foundation Stage Leader
R.E. & Multicultural Subject Leader
Mrs Sian Manning-Swallow

Reception Class Teacher  - Blue Class
Art & Design Technology Subject Leader

Mrs Sinead Bernstone Year 1 / 2 Teacher - Yellow Class
Mrs Liz Lawrance Year 1 / 2 Teacher - Yellow Class
Music Subject Leader
Mrs Sophie Besant

Year 1 / 2 Teacher  -  Green Class
Citizenship & Personal, Social and Health Education Subject Leader

Mrs Louise Facey Year 1 / 2 Teacher - Purple Class
Computer Subject Leader
Mrs Joanne Botindari Year 3 / 4 Teacher - Burgundy Class
Mrs Alison Groombridge Year 3 / 4 Teacher - Amber Class
Mr Scott Leader Year 3 / 4 Teacher - Aqua Class
Humanities Subject Leader
Mrs Christina Abbott Year 5 / 6 Teacher  -  Lime Class
Mrs Holly Lamb Year 5 /6 Teacher - Lime Class/Silver Class
Mrs Felicity Randall Year 5 / 6 Teacher - Copper Class 
Science Subject Leader & NQT Induction Tutor
Mrs Lynne Godsave Year 5 / 6 Teacher - Silver Class
PE & Mathematics Subject Leader
Mrs Lois Jarrold SENCO & Inclusion Manager  (Contact via the school office)
Mrs Jane Fixter School Administrator
Mrs Claire Martin Finance Administrator
Mrs Jo Lang Attendance & Welfare Officer 
Mrs Christine Pring Administrative Assistant
Mrs Carol Summerlin Learning Support Assistant
Miss Glenda Giblin Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Judy Ayton Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Julie Sharpe Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Natalie Heather Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Kim Hunt Learning Support Assistant
Miss Michelle Hunter Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Sam Hatley Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Sarah Sibley Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Lauren Hopkins Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Laura Newton Learning Support Assistant
 Mr Lee Besant Site Manager
Mrs Michelle Gardner Midday Assistant
Mrs Sarah Waddington Midday Assistant
Mrs Lauren Hopkins Midday Assistant
Mrs Natalie Heather Midday Assistant
Mrs Julie Walsh Midday Assistant
Mrs Sherie Pyman Midday Assistant
Miss Laura Heast Midday Assistant
Miss Michelle Hunter Cleaner
Mrs Michelle Gardner Cleaner
Mrs Medine Karadag Cleaner






Our Children Are

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